Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions – we have answers!

How long does registration take?

Our streamlined registration process can take as little as 5 seconds if you use a social media login and accept the default username. Even a fully manual registration should, on average, take less than a minute.

Do I need to be approved to start sharing content?

Our proprietary processes eliminate approval wait times. You can start sharing and selling content as soon as you complete your GuruZoom registration.

How much does it cost for me to register as a Guru on GuruZoom?
GuruZoom is always free to register as a Guru or a fan, we take a small platform fee from every sale you make that covers our cost of operations, servers, and payment processing fees.
How much is GuruZoom’s platform fee?
Our platform fee is 30% of the revenue you make on GuruZoom. This fee is automatically deducted from each sale and covers processing fees, servers and cost of operations.
Can I offer free content on GuruZoom?
A small amount of teaser or demonstration content is allowed, but in general, GuruZoom is a monetization platform. There are plenty of platforms where you can post free content, with GuruZoom giving you a place to send people to buy your premium content.
How much can I withdraw in a month?
With the exception of an initial introductory phase limiting your withdrawals to reduce potential fraud, we do not cap your earnings or withdrawals. After 90 days your withdrawal amount is uncapped and prior to that limits are still quite generous.
How often can I withdraw funds?
You can withdraw funds any time you have at least $100 US available in your account.
How long do you hold funds?
Your funds become available after 7 days, prior to this they will be listed in your held funds. You will have full visibility to your held funds, they’re simply unavailable for withdrawal until the hold period is complete.
How long does it take for funds to reach my bank account?
We initiate the ACH deposit immediately upon your withdrawal request. Overall transfer time will depend on your bank. Some banks register ACH deposits immediately while others may take several days.
How much can I charge?

We have a minimum charge of fifty cents US per transaction.

Can I offer subscriptions to my GuruZoom profile?
You may set a monthly subscription price for your account. If a fan purchases a subscription they will have access to all your available content as long as they remain subscribed to your channel. You can disable your subscription rate at any time.
Can I sell individual pieces of content?
You can assign a price to any piece of content you add to your GuruZoom profile. Users who purchase content will have access until you remove that content from your profile.
What kind of content can I provide?
GuruZoom is a content delivery platform, as long as your content is legal in the United States of America it “can” be served off of our platform.
But can I publish adult content on GuruZoom?
As long as your content is legally publishable in the United States of America GuruZoom can be used to publish it. This includes adult content.
How do my fans find me?
Each piece of content you post on GuruZoom and your profile has a URL you can share on your existing social platforms, send through email, or even print on a business card. You can share these links any way you would like and we will make sure that even new fans who just installed the app will end up on your account once they have registered.
What if I’m being harassed?
You can block any user, fan, or Guru on the platform. Profiles that receive excessive block requests will be reviewed for suspension or deletion.
How do my fans know I posted new content?
As a mobile platform, GuruZoom is able to send notifications to your fans informing them of new content on your profile. Users will also see new content at the top of their feed any time they open the GuruZoom app. We take every opportunity to keep you engaged with your fans.
Will fans see all my content in their feed?
Fans will have the opportunity to see and purchase each piece of content you post. We use no algorithms, like many popular social platforms, to limit the content seen or change display order of content. Content is always displayed newest first on a fan’s home screen.
Can I use my computer with GuruZoom?
GuruZoom is currently a mobile-only platform. Being a mobile platform allows us additional opportunities to secure and deliver your content. With mobile usage rapidly approaching 90% of all internet sessions, being mobile-only makes sense.
Can I have more than one GuruZoom Guru account?
People have different skills and different things they would like to share. Just like you might have multiple businesses in the physical world, you may need multiple GuruZoom accounts. As long as each account is attached to a unique email address you may have as many GuruZoom Guru accounts as you would like.