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GuruZoom is the fast and easy way to share and sell your content with your followers everywhere – whether they’re on the latest social network or in an email list.

Make Money

You’ve GOT FANS, and your content has value.

Become a Guru on GuruZoom and you can easily and securely monetize your premium content.

You choose how much to charge, and we handle everything else.

Easy As…

GuruZoom’s mobile-only platform means you can download the app and start sharing content right away. You can register in just one click, work and create anywhere, and start earning. You can still upload externally created and produced content, but with GuruZoom and today’s mobile devices you have a professional quality production studio in your hand.

Your Audience

You work hard to find YOUR audience and to create content tailored to their needs.
We will never market another Guru’s content to your fans.
Your audience is always YOUR audience.


It’s time to free yourself from the limitations of today’s content platforms. GuruZoom mixes the best parts of social networking and private communication, giving you much more freedom in what you share with your followers.

Get over the stress of trying to conform to restricting and constantly changing content rules.
If it’s legal, you can share it on GuruZoom.

Safe and Secure

When you share content on the web, it is not a question of “if” but “when” someone will simply copy your content. While no platform is completely secure, using GuruZoom makes it much harder to just copy data streams.

With end to end encryption, industry-leading authentication and security built into every part of our infrastructure, your content is safer than it’s ever been.